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Created with your Health in Mind

Rob McKee — "I have known Melissa for over 25 years, she is knowledgeable and committed to Complementary and Alternative Medicine products and practices. She holds herself and her employees to the highest standards of cleanliness, quality, and purity of her products. I can highly recommend A Branch of Leaves and Roots for all of your herbs, natural products, and essential oils! "


My Name is Melissa Coppola, I'm married and have two daughters. My family and I decided to work togetehr and open up our own herb shop. I have worked for our mother store ( Leaves and Roots ) for over 25 years. I was the busy bee in the background of the store and within the last four years was up in the front interacting and learning all about the amazing benefits herbs offer.


I spent over four months working on a busness plan and was finally able to open Februrary 11th, 2015 and its been going great since. My oldest daughter is earning a bachelor's degree in Business Managment to help out with the managment with the store. While my youngest daughter is earning a bacholer's in Alternative Medicine to gain more knowledge in the field to help our customers. My husband stands beside me and supports me along the way. I am so blessed to have my family as my biggest support group!


I am very thrilled to have you all join us along our journey and to join our family!

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