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Allergy Mix

To prevent/alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Specific for people susceptible to hayfever, asthma, food allergies, chemical allergies, etc. DOSAGE: one cap three times a day or two caps twice a day (¼ Teaspoon of powder = One 'OO' Capsule)


Bentonite Clay absorb toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other internal contaminants.

Horehound Herb works to expel phlegm from respiratory bronchial system. It effects respiration directly by dilating vessels, alleviating asthma or other breathing problems.

Mullien Leaf provides mucilaginous protection to mucus surfaces, inhibiting the absorption of allergens through mucus membranes. It quiets inflamed and irritated nerves, and is soothing to any inflammation, especially in the respiratory system. Mullien is effective for a wide range of respiratory problems and swollen membrane conditions. It also strengthens sinuses and allows for free breathing.

Wild Cherry Bark is an excellent calming and soothing agent for irritated mucosal surfaces. It sooths nerve irritation of the lungs and also loosens mucus in the throat and chest. It's primary action in this blend is to sooth any irritated surfaces that result from allergens escaping the absorptive action of the bentonite clay.


Allergy Capsules MO

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