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Blood Pressure Mix

This Mixture is a vasodilator, helping to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and coronary symptoms.

DOSAGE: take 2 capsules twice a day, more if needed.

Hawthorn Berry is a peripheral vasodilator, it dilates the blood vessels away from the heart, allowing blood to flow more freely, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the burden placed on the heart. Hawthorn tones and strengthens the heart and circulatory system, and provides a definite feeling of well-being through blood pressure and cholesterol reduction.


Eleuthro Root is an adaptogen herb with rejuvenating properties. It helps to detoxify the blood and therefor improves circulation. Eleuthro is a vasodilator and is effective in reducing both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Motherwort is a primary heart tonic for high blood pressure symptoms and palpitations that improves blood flow in the body. It is a specific for all heart related diseases. 


Ginkgo Leaf dilates peripheral blood vessels, including capillaries, and improves circulation, facilitating improved tissue and organ oxygenation, and lower blood pressure. It protects the body from arterial blockages, and prevent blood clot formations. Helps overcome symptoms of aging.


Reishi Mushroom help to normalize body functioning and increase vitality and immunity. It enhances muscle relaxation, improves coronary arteries, reduces excessive amounts of cholesterol in the blood, improves circulation, and reduces coronary symptoms. Reishi reduces and normalizes high blood pressure levels. 


Olive Leaf  - Antioxidant which protects the heart and circulatory system, lowering LDL, significantly decreasing blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Capsules MO

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