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Brain Mix

Brain Mix helps increase brain function, alertness and energy.

DOSAGE: Take 1 capsule three times a day or two capsules twice a day.

(¼ Teaspoon = 1 'OO' capsule)


Gotu Kola improves learning abilities by facilitating better recall. Gotu Kola stimulates circulation to the brain, working as an energy enhancer on the cells of the brain. It is used to combat fatigue and to improve memory, it increases mental activity while at the same time having a mild calming effect on the body.


Gingko Leaf is used primarily as a brain and mental energy stimulant. The herb dilates blood vessels facilitating improved blood flow to the tissue, increasing both peripheral and cerebral circulation and oxygenation of cells, and therefore increasing mental alertness. It is used to increase the quantity of blood flow to the brain to improve memory.


Panax Ginseng lends the body energy and helps to improve brain functioning. By speeding up the nervous reflexes, this herb increases analytical and overall mental performance, while diminishing fatigue.


Cayenne is a catalyst to all herbs. It aids the absorption, effectiveness, and the quick distribution of all herbs throughout the body by increasing the circulation in the body and the body's ability to digest anything in the stomach

Brain Capsules MO

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