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Cholesterol Mix

This mixture is to help the body lower high serum cholesterol levels and to help prevent dietary cholesterol buildup on arterial walls. This mix can also be used as a dieting aid and to reduce the risk of debilitating disease. Diabetic patients taking insulin should track their blood sugar levels as this blend could change insulin requirements.

DOSAGE: Take 2 capsules twice a day, or 1 capsule 3 times a day. (¼ Teaspoon of powder = 1 'OO' Capsule)


Apple Pectin increases the excretion of lipids, good cholesterol, and bile acids while reducing serum cholesterol levels. It helps to prevent and decrease cholesterol and fat absorption in the body. 

Hawthorn provides a definite feeling of well-being through blood pressure and cholesterol reduction.

Plantain has a moisture absorbing ability which swells and fills the intestinal tract, and by the mucilage mixing with and adhering to the intestinal contents, helps prevent cholesterol absorption. Plantain causes a marked decrease in bad cholesterol (triglycerides and beta cholesterol) with a related balanced increase of good cholesterol (alpha cholesterol).

Fenugreek contains lecithin which helps to dissolve cholesterol and fatty substances.

Black Cohosh reduces hypertension and has a positive effect on the heart and circulation.

Cholesterol Capsules MO

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