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Mostly ORganic**

Diabetes Mix

Helps the body reduce high blood sugar. Promotes glandular health and function.DOSAGE: one cap three times a day or two caps twice a day. (¼ Teaspoon = One 'OO' Capsule)Uva Ursi leaf - a tonic for weakened liver, kidney and other glands. Relieves pain from bladder and kidney stones.Dandelion root – has hypoglycemic effect, benefits the liver, spleen and pancreas. Stimulates bile production.Gentian root – is a potent “bitter” focusing on the digestive glands and organs such as gallbladder and pancreas. Increases pancreatic health.Bilberry leaf – Long used by naturopaths to treat diabetes, kidney, and gallbladder ailments.Raspberry leaf – has proven hypoglycemic action. It also relieves urethral and kidney irritation.Saw Palmetto berry – Diabetes and other diseases of the glands require nutritional support these berries provide.Parsley Leaf- Used as a blood purifier and in cases of low blood sugar of adrenal malfunctionKelp and Bladderwrack – because of the high iodine content, kelp helps the glands, especially the liver and thyroid.This information has not been evaluated by the Good and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Diabetes Capsules MO

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