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Energy Mix

This mixture increases energy, stamina and endurance without caffeine or ephedrine, so it doesn't tend to increase blood pressure, although there are individual reactions. It is considered a whole body tonic. TYPICAL DOSAGE: take 2 capsules at a time as needed.

Astragalus Root is rich in the main nutrient that feeds our bodies, called polysaccharides. Astragalus is known to increase strength and vitality, and combats fatigue by nourishing exhausted adrenals. It has also been demonstrated to boost energy by reducing the level of toxicity in the liver.

Bee Pollen belongs to the group of Super Foods. Its high levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzyme precursors, and all essential amino acids are completely balanced for optimal energy usage. It's a complete blood building food that rejuvenates and helps counteract the effects of aging, increasing both mental and physical abilities.

Ginkgo is most famously known for its ability to increase mental alertness, memory, and overall brain function, significantly. It improves and encourages blood circulation to the central nervous system, increases tissue oxidation, and improves the delivery of vital nutrients to body tissues.

Eleuthero Root is also known as Siberian Ginseng. It is an adaptogen and lends the body natural energy, endurance, and balance by stimulating the circulatory and cardiac system. Is used in energy formulas against depression and fatigue, and rebuilding system strength after sickness or exhaustion. Eleuthero is known to increase mental alertness, work output, sexual vitality, and stimulate adrenal functioning.

Foti Root, also known as Ho-Shou-Wu, is used by the Chinese for longevity and restoration. Fo-ti is a liver and blood tonic, promoting healthy blood and thereby toning the liver, reducing exhaustion and deficiencies, restoring energy and vigor.

Ginger Root is an excellent body stimulant. Warming the circulatory system, ginger works as a catalyst to move the other herbs into the system quickly. It also works to jump-start the digestive system and to revive a sluggish system.

Gotu Kola is a memory and rejuvenating brain tonic used to overcome depression and increase longevity. As a brain stimulant, Gotu Kola is a specific in mental burn-outs, energizing, anti-aging, healthy circulation, and counteracting fatigue formulas.

Licorice Root stimulates adrenal function without depleting the adrenal glands. It lends extremely valuable support for blood cleansing, as well as to the nerve, endocrine, and hormonal systems. Licorice is also a gentle whole body stimulant.

Panax Ginseng Root is known to be the most effective and stimulating of all tonic herbs. It stimulates the entire body, allowing for the recovery and rebuilding from stress, fatigue, inherent weakness, and nutritional deficiencies. Panax Ginseng stimulates the brain and memory centers, increasing concentration and information absorption. It increases foundation energy, strength, and vitality.

Saw Palmetto Berries are used to for building stamina and endurance. They improve digestion and rebuild strength.

Sarsaparilla Root has a wide range of properties from improving sports performance to toning the system. It helps to cleanse toxins from the blood, nourishes and tonifies the sexual glands and encourages the production of sexual hormones. Sarsaparilla is a natural steroid and an estrogen precursor.

Spirulina falls into the Super Food category for its high levels of protein, B-12, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, Beta carotene, and all nine essential amino acids. Because of the high level of nutrients, Spirulina adds strength and life to the entire body. It is an extremely potent and healthy energy booster, providing nutrition for the brain and giving greater mental clarity and alertness. It has been recommended to keep alert both mentally and physically.

Energy Capsules MO

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