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No-Tox Mix

This is a general detoxifying blend, especially for the liver and blood.

DOSAGE: Take 2 capsules twice a day. (¼ Teaspoon of powder = One 'OO' Capsule)


Milk Thistle Seed is a strong liver detox with antioxidant properties that acts against free radicals in the body. It protects the liver, brain, and other tissues from absorbing chemical toxins, and can help the liver overcome toxicity caused by alcohol consumption. Milk thistle also aids in increased immune response.

Burdock root is an excellent blood purifier and cleanses long-term impurities from the blood very rapidly. Used in detoxifying combinations, burdock root promotes kidney and liver function and helps to balance hormones and protein production in the body.

Cascara Sagrada Bark promotes peristaltic action in the intestinal canal, cleansing and restoring natural tone to the colon. It improves secretions of the stomach, liver, and pancreas, along with improving the flow of bile. Cascara Sagrada is a non-irritating laxative that is gentle on the system yet effective.

Ginger is a catalyst as a circulatory stimulant, has adaptogenic and antioxidant properties, and is cleansing to the body. Ginger is soothing on to the stomach and spleen, is a kidney stimulant to help filtration, and is a diaphoretic encouraging the removal of toxic waste.

Dandelion Root is an excellent liver cleanser and toner, and stimulates all glands in the digestive system quickly and effectively. Dandelion helps to cleanse and tone the bowels, is an ideally balanced diuretic (being a high source of potassium), and helps detoxify the system and purify the blood.

Echinacea Root is one of the best alternatives to detoxify the blood. It improves lymphatic filtration and drainage, and helps remove toxins from the body. Echinacea boosts the immune system and is a natural antibiotic.

Fenugreek Seed helps to dispel toxic waste throughout the lymphatic system. It contains lecithin, which helps to dissolve cholesterol and fatty substances; it lubricates the intestinal tract, and removes toxic waste and mucus through the elimination system.

Hibiscus Flower is rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. It has tonic properties and is a gentle laxative.

Red Clover Blossom helps the body to dispose of nitrogenous waste, cleanses the system of impurities, and discourages the spread of infection. It is a diuretic that helps eliminate toxins and is a cancer preventative. Red clover is a solid source of nutrients, and helps rid the system of uric acid.

Sarsaparilla cleans toxins from the blood, increases elimination of uric acid from the system, and helps remove heavy metals that accumulate in the body from pollution.

No-Tox Capsules MO

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