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Relaxing Mix

This mix is to help relax the body and mind, overcome common sleeping and nervous disorders, and as a gentle sedation. Good for anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity, for relaxation, and aid meditation. DOSAGE: Take one or two capsules as needed. (¼ Teaspoon = One 'OO' Capsule)

Passionflower is soothing and quieting to the nervous system without causing feelings of depression or having disorientating side effects. It aids sleeplessness, treats hyperactivity, and can be helpful for people wishing to reduce their dependency on sleeping pills.

Valerian Root is one of the most popular herbs for sleep and relaxation. It eases all kinds of nervous disorders, calms the nerves without side effects, helps with hysteria, and mental and emotion difficulties. It is a powerful nervine, is a natural tranquilizer, a proven sedative, it works to decrease anxiety and aggression, aid in insomnia, and also relieves pain and spasms.

Scullcap Herb is considered one of the best herbal nervines. It helps control most nervous irritations, has a quieting and soothing effect on the system, gives the feeling of well being and inner calm, and allows for relaxed, natural sleep. Skullcap helps relieve melancholy and chronic exhaustion.

Hops Flower helps to induce sleep naturally, clam the nerves, and help prevent nightmares. It is fast acting, an excellent remedy for insomnia, and is used to for relaxing excited cerebral conditions. Hops relieves pain and is relaxing to the muscles.

Relaxing Capsules MO

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