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Ultra Male Mix

Improves and restores libido, fertility, and sexual function.

DOSAGE: Take two capsules once or twice a day, remembering that it increases energy levels (¼ Teaspoon of powder = One 'OO' Capsule)

Tribulus – A non-hormonal herb that restores and improves libido in men as well as improving and prolonging the duration of erections. Tribulus increases the number and mobility of sperm. The cholesterol and fats are converted to hormones and energy resulting in increased performance and stamina.

Damiana is one of the most popular and safest of all plants to restore natural sexual capacities and functions, and has a reputation for arousing sexual desire. It is a specific to treat impotence in men, and is a strong body tonic, energizer, and sexual rejuvenator. Damiana balances hormones and has been recommended to increase sperm count and counter infertility.

Horny Goat weed is a versatile herb commonly used to treat impotence and infertility, among other uses. Horny Goat weed stimulates the production of male sex hormones and increases blood circulation to both the brain and sexual organs.

Sarsaparilla is used as a natural steroid for the production of testosterone with wide ranging properties from improving sports performance to cleansing toxins from the blood. It nourishes and tones the sexual glands and encourages the production of sexual hormones. Sarsaparilla is a male hormone balancer, and can be use in cases of impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Ginseng is a stimulant that has healing qualities for the prostate, and can be used as an aphrodisiac. Ginseng provides energy to the whole body, and aids in the rebuilding of the entire system. It is particularly nourishing to the male reproductive and circulatory systems, balances male hormones, eliminates stress and therefore depression, enhances physical well-being and leads to longevity.

Maca – A highly nutritious herb 10% protein including major amino acid which increases energy, balances body systems and increases sperm count and mobility.

Saw Palmetto has noticeable effects on general health and disposition, and has gland stimulating properties to tone and strengthen male reproductive organs and system. It helps reduce pain and inflammation of enlarged prostate, and is a specific in all cases of male impotence, sterility, and reproductive problems.

Ginkgo is a vaso-dilator that increase the blood circulation to vital tissues and organs in the body. It is beneficial when overcoming environmental stress, and stimulates brain and mental energy. Ginkgo helps protect the body from free-radicals and reduces the symptoms of aging. Great in smoothies and protein shakes.

Ultra Male Capsules MO

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